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ave also had an enormous impact on the country's va▓st rural areas. In fact, the earliest blueprint for ch▓ange arose from farmers wishing to improv▓e their lives in a tiny village in Anhui Provin▓ce. In today's part of our BizChina 360 series on 3 decades of reform and opening up, Qi Tianxing shows us how l▓ife has changed dramatically in another vil▓lage, that's Sunzhuang, in central Henan Province.Zhang Xiuying is preparing lunch for her family. She is happy with her daily life. She's able to take ▓on some work on the farm, cook for the family and tak▓e care of her grandchildren. Zhang Xiuying, one Sunzhuan▓g villager said "I'll cook rice and meat."Now the family can eat whatever they want, but 30 years ago, that was impossible. Like farmers across ▓the country, people in Sunzhuang Village▓ worked for p

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o the team, and got allotments of grain in return. And this amount was the same, however much or little each farmer worked. That mean most far▓mers had little incentive to till the land. Poor soil conditions and the effect of natural disasters led to a very low standard of living. Many lacked▓ the most basic items for survival.Zhang Xiuying▓ said "After work I picked leaves from elm trees▓ and cooked soup with them. I only earned 6 yuan a month a▓t that time. "Xu Guizhen´s family was even poorer, they had to beg for their bread.X▓u Guizhen, one Sunzhuang villager said "We starved in tho▓se days, when people worked for the production team. I went to other places, begging for fo▓od with which to feed my child."Starving farmers had to find a way to change their ▓lives. And 18 of them in Xiaogang Village of Fengyang County in Anhui Province came up w▓ith what were revolutionary ideas for the time. In 1978, they secretly carved up farmland and allotted th▓em to households. Each household w